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Scarless Vein Care Reopens in Mayfaire, behind Harris Teeter

The new state-of-the-art practice is located within Mayfaire, behind Harris Teeter. The address is 6752 Rock Spring Rd, Suite #200 at the former site of Vein Clinics of America. This location may seem familiar to many former patients as it was once the flagship office of Scarless Vein Care. In 2014, Scarless Vein Care was acquired by DermOne, which was then later acquired by Vein Clinics of America in 2018. Dr. Kamran retained ownership of his brand Scarless Vein Care, among other assets. When he resigned from Vein Clinics of America in April of 2020, he reopened Scarless Vein Care’s first location in Leland at Waterford Medical Center. DermOne and Vein Clinics of America are no longer in the Wilmington-area market and Scarless Vein Care is expanding in New Hanover and Brunswick counties.

Dr. Kamran believes healthcare should be personal and that’s been his mission in re-establishing the boutique, patient-centered practice that is Scarless Vein Care. This new Wilmington location offers patients the opportunity to be seen at two convenient, state-of-the-art locations.

“We’re excited to be back and have a prominent presence in the Mayfaire area! This boutique-style setting focuses more on patient experience and quality of treatment rather than quantity of patients or a clinical environment with long-wait times, various providers, etc. We believe this is why we are fundamentally different and has always been at the core of why I re-opened Scarless Vein Care as an independent practice. This new location allows quicker access for patients coming from fast growing New Hanover and Pender counties – and beyond.”

About Dr. Kamran:

Dr. Kamran is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of phlebology and vascular surgery. Dr. Kamran has been providing general, thoracic, vascular, laparoscopic, and both upper and lower endoscopic surgeries for more than 40 years. He was also one of the first physicians and centers in the state of North Carolina to offer his patients intravascular laser ablation for the treatment of spider and varicose veins.

About Scarless Vein Care:

With Dr. Kamran, the journey from tired, achy, painful legs and unsightly varicose or spider veins to beautiful, healthy legs can be an easy one. A surgeon for more than 40 years and now offering free vein health screenings, Scarless Vein Care by Dr. Kamran is one of the nation’s preeminent locations for the treatment of varicose and spider veins.

For more information: 910-726-2451

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