The most successful treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your vein problems by a trained and qualified medical team. A good treatment plan is based on an ultrasound mapping of the vein system to find the root of each individual’s problem. Each case may have more than one option for treatment and may require a combination of treatments. Those can include the following:

EVLT (Endovenous Laser Treatment)

Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) is a quick, minimally invasive laser procedure that leaves virtually no scar and can be performed right in the office. The treatment itself takes less than an hour.


ClosureRFS™ stylet. The ClosureRFS™ stylet is designed for the radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of incompetent perforator veins – giving you more options to treat the spectrum of chronic venous insufficiency. The ClosureRFS™ stylet is the only endovenous radio frequency device indicated for the treatment of incompetent perforator veins.

ClosureFast™ catheter. The ClosureFast™ catheter uses segmental ablation technology to deliver precise uniform radio frequency energy at 120 degrees Celsius. The generator feedback mechanism monitors intravascular heat to parameters in real time allowing for a consistent control procedure.

VeinGogh™ is one of the newest treatments for spider veins. This simple and affordable procedure is effective on any part of the body. There is virtually no recovery time, and you can immediately go into the sun.


Sclerotherapy is a method of injecting a medicated solution into the diseased vein. The vein is likely to shrink immediately and then over a period of a couple weeks, it begins to dissolve away. The procedure takes only minutes, right in the office.

VenaSeal™ Closure System

The VenaSeal™ closure system improves blood flow by sealing, or closing, the diseased vein. The system delivers a small amount of a specially formulated medical adhesive to the diseased vein. The adhesive seals the vein and blood is rerouted through nearby healthy veins.

Compression Hose

Compression hose work to help increase leg circulation and are often required by insurance companies prior to procedures such as laser ablation. At Scarless Vein Care, the staff is especially certified in the proper measuring and fitting of these hose.