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Katie’s Story Part 2: Vein Disease & Pregnancy

Why do some women develop vein issues during pregnancy? Dr. Kamran explains the connection between venous insufficiency and varicose veins during pregnancy and how vein disease is more common in young people than many realize.

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Katie’s Story Part 1: A Young Patient’s Perspective on Vein Disease & Treatment

In part one of this two part episode of Nice Living with Dr. Kamran, we hear from a young mother who overcame a severe case of vein disease with the help of modern vein treatment at Scarless Vein Care by Dr. Kamran. Katie discusses her symptoms, initial frustrations finding help, and discovering relief and results beyond what she imaged.

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What Really Works for Anti Aging Skin Care?

There are many anti-aging skincare devices, treatments and ingredients marketed to the general public, but what actually works? In this episode, Dr. Shah share’s his opinion on Jade Rollers, LED Masks and Microcurrent Technology. Listen to the full episode to hear his opinion on the top four anti aging skin care ingredients that really work.

Dr. Muneeb Shah joins Dr. Kamran Goudarzi and Aimee Bowen for episde 8 of the Nive Living with Dr. Kamran Podcast.

Episode 8: Who is Doctorly?

Known by his millions of fans on social media as “Doctorly” and “dermdoctor”, Dermatology Resident Physician Dr. Muneeb Shah gives a glimpse into what fuels his passion for patient-centered care, his desire to educate others and offers skin care tips you don’t want to miss!

image of woman receiving non-surgical cosmetic enhancement, featuring text that says "episode 7 The Top Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures featuring Dr. Jonathan Crane. Nice Living with Dr. Kamran

Episode 7: Top Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Curious about the top non-surgical cosmetic treatments of 2021? Dr. Kamran and co-host Aimee Bowen discuss some of the top non-Invasive cosmetic treatments and more with our expert guest, Dr. Jonathan Crane.

Nice Living with Dr. Kamran Episode 6 discusses modern skin cancer treatments and features Dr. Jonathan Crane.

Episode 6 – Advancements in Skin Cancer Treatment

If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with skin caner, you don’t want to miss this episode. We welcome back board certified dermatologist, Dr. Jonathan Crane to discuss modern skin cancer treatment options.