• Prior to my procedures, my legs would tire easily and didn’t feel comfortable. I noticed this most when I would run or work out, making me have to take brief breaks. I thought the procedures were all quick and easy. Dr. Goudarzi and his staff were all very friendly and helpful throughout it all. I could tell the results as soon as the next day. I could definitely tell a huge difference when I was able to start running again. My legs definitely did not feel tired like they used to. Now I can easily run 5 miles without having to break. Nice Legs, Dr. Kamran!

    Jenipher Picciola
    Jenipher Picciola
  • Everyone at Scarless Vein Care has been so nice and friendly. They explain all the procedures in a way that is easy to understand. Simple procedure, not much pain or soreness afterwards. I saw my before picture in 2010, I was shocked! My legs were bad but forgot how bad. I am so thankful I found Dr. Kamran and his team. My legs look nothing like they did six years ago. So happy and thankful! No more pain.

  • Thank you for everything. Dr. Kamran and the staff is so caring and professional. They explain everything and I had no anxiety over the laser procedure. It’s over quickly and as long as you follow the precautions you have no downtime and minimal discomfort. They feel 100 pounds lighter; I can work out and drop 20 pounds in one month – well worth temporary discomfort.



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