Patient Testimonials for Dr. Michael Cahn

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“Awesome staff! Made me feel comfortable and not anxious at all; slightly uncomfortable for a very short amount of time, but otherwise, not an issue of concern. I feel as if I can do more without feeling pain! Especially during my day as a teacher.”

“Great; always friendly and professional. So far so good! Easier than I had thought; So much better!!! I sleep so much better and have not had meds for pain in legs Sorry I did not do this SOONER!”

“Dr. Cahn and his staff are warm, friendly and very welcoming. They have a way of alleviating any apprehensions you may have. There’s a little discomfort with the ablation and stinging with the injections, but in both cases, it is short lived. I’m regaining the energy and stamina in my legs; they’re feeling much better.”

“He’s great and staff. Not very painful; can’t really tell.”

“All of the above wonderful treatment by all the staff.”

“Glowing – everyone is so friendly. Very tolerable; 200% better; Amazing Results; almost instant relief.”

“Love him. Easy. Feels lots better.”

“Dr. Cahn and his staff are very competent. They make you feel very comfortable and answer any questions or concerns you may have. The procedures were quick and relatively pain free. The most difficult part is wearing the stockings. My legs feel lighter, I don’t get the swelling at my ankles, or the itching that I had before I started treatments.”

“Very informative, attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. More painful than expected, but can see why after explanation. I’m glad I had it done. More energy – walking longer distance; not so much aching.”

“They are friendly, knowledgeable and able to answer all the questions one asks. Interesting – quick and amazing at how one can feel better right away. Better – lighter.”

“I give my utmost respect to this group of professionals. They are friendly and give you their full attention. My experience was and is great. Great! No cramps or restlessness.”

“Congenial, competent, caring, fun, relaxed. Amy is great! Good working relationship. Procedures are clearly explained and carried out in a professional manner. Much easier than I expected; Dr. Cahn, the nurse, and the ultrasound tech are efficient and concerned. Laser treatments (x3); 6 injections (follow up) Much better – less nervous restless legs; less swelling; more active!”

“Pleasant and professional; always on time; always showed care and concern about my well being – who could ask for anything more! Literally painless. My pain is gone. I’d tried everything else before this: massage, chiropractic, and pills. This was my last hope. It worked and I’m thrilled.”

“They are wonderful and I felt at ease. They really are outstanding gang of people to work with. Would really recommend him to friends and family with no problem. I felt later they know what they were doing; very professional. So so much better – no leg cramps – no swelling.”

“Very polite and professional. My legs felt like new legs after the laser treatment.”

“Excellent, patient, caring, concerned, flexible, friendly environment. Everyone is approachable from Aimee at front desk to back office staff. Smooth, Dr. Cahn explains everything. Improving – procedures continue.”

“Very friendly and professional. Explained everything and invites questions. Would recommend to anyone contemplating the procedure. Not as painful as I anticipated. When it is done – it is done – no pain. Much better. Anticipating completing my four procedures. Can already feel a difference. More energy.”

“Dr. Cahn and his staff are great – very professional but fun at the same time. You may feel a bit of discomfort during the procedure, but the results are worth it. My right leg cramps have almost completely disappeared.”

“Dr. Cahn and his staff are very professional. They took care of a lot of details to make sure that my experience was going to be as comfortable as it could be and as efficient as it can be done. The patient is provided with enough information and care that all you have at the end of the procedure is a satisfied patient. I am still under the recovery phase and I really have no complaints. I told them one more time during the procedure that a mosquito bite is more painful than the procedure itself.”

“Staff and Dr. Cahn very personable and friendly. Injections worse than laser, but both are tolerable. I’ve had stripping twice in the past – much improvement. Legs feel great – not heavy or achy – no swelling or pain. I would recommend Dr. Cahn and staff to friends.”

“Dr. Cahn is great. He makes you feel very comfortable. His staff is professional and very friendly. The procedure is quick and painless. He explains everything that is happening and what to expect. I was very happy that I was able to have the procedure done in the Shallotte office. Same great care, so close to home. My legs feel good and look better.”

“They are great and very friendly and efficient. Went very well. Improving.”

“Dr. Cahn, I love you because you have a warm spirit, and that was what I needed when I started treatments. I was so afraid, but you made me feel relaxed with your bedside mannerisms. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I thought it would be very painful, but it wasn’t. Since laser, I don’t have the restlessness in my legs or the weakness.”

“Dr. Cahn and his staff were very professional. They made me feel calm during the procedures. Excellent care! Procedures went well with minimum pain. Less pain and numbness.”

“Great communication about process – excellent teamwork – thorough follow up between procedures – caring, empathetic – cared about my health and future comfort with my legs; conservative for each. Did not feel much discomfort except during laser ablations – was able to resume normal activities quickly. I am very active physically – yoga, run, etc. Improvement immediately after one month, less cramping, swelling and achiness – no large veins are visible.”

“Dr. Cahn & his staff are great – very compassionate. The procedure was slightly painful. My legs are still a little sore.”

“Friendly, informative, professional, and reassuring. Entire staff was friendly. I consider their work to be excellent. Procedures have gone smoothly. I was fully informed about the process. Communication during the procedure was excellent. Tender at entry points. Tight along the treated veins. Still, no significant pain or irritation.”

“The doctor and staff are wonderful and real pleasant to be around. Painless. Legs feel great – no problems.”

“Dr. Cahn is great! He is very down to earth and personable. I felt no pain at all during the injection. The nurses are all very nice as well. My legs feel great!”

“Staff has been very professional, but at the same time, compassionate and enjoyable to be around. Dr. Cahn has performed all of my procedures. He explained every procedure as he went. Care and patience was acknowledged at all times. Treatment has not been completed, but there has already been a change in how my legs feel.”

“Love my Dr. Cahn. Great staff. My legs are feeling better and less heavy.”

“Sally is great. Dr. Cahn is very nice and I was very at ease with him.”

“Dr. Kamran was so nice and caring of me and my problem. Dr. Cahn is amazing in his bedside manner and did not mind talking with me about all of my concerns. I brag on him and tell everyone to go see him. Not as scary or painful as I expected. They did not restrict my life or cause undue pain. Legs are now not as heavy or tired feeling.”

“Dr. Cahn did my procedure – little waiting time and very professional. The nurses and staff are personable and professional. I find the procedures (laser) rather painful. Also, it is hard to stand and turn on the small stools at the end of the tables – larger ones would help. My treatments are not yet complete.”

“Never met Dr. Kamran, but Dr. Cahn is amazing! Extraordinarily kind and sincere, made me feel very comfortable. Super big kudos to Amy, Scott, Aubrey, Candace, Felicia, and Melissa. What a fantastic, caring team! I love you all! A little painful, but what was worse was the wait. So far there’s been a few times with 2+ or 3+ hour waits. Felt like herding patients in the waiting room. Legs are getting better – and sexier!”

“Dr. Cahn and his staff are awesome. Very polite, friendly, and always helpful. None of the procedures have been bad at all. None of the discomfort I thought there would be. I can tell my legs are feeling better. The energy in them is returning.”

“Wonderful, love Dr. Cahn. Procedures are pretty much painless. Legs don’t feel as heavy and don’t tire as quick.”

“Dr. Cahn is the greatest!!! Procedures were better than I thought. All is fine since having treatment completed.”

“Dr. Cahn did my procedures. The staff were all fantastic. As well as being proficient, they were all so caring and personable. Since having treatment completed, I no longer have hurting legs waking me up during the night. I can also do more physical activities than before.”

“The procedures were not as bad as I anticipated. The walking was the hardest part. The doctor and nurses were very informative and very kind. I have not completed treatment, but I think my legs feel a little better.”

“Great! Very friendly and kind. Always happy. No grumpy faces here! All the staff came in smiling. Dr. Cahn did my treatment. The procedure went well. I was happy with his treatment. My legs feel great and look better.”

“I am Dr. Cahn’s patient. Dr. Cahn and his staff are personable and positive. They carry this into the procedure room and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. The staff carefully explain all procedures and the experience has been exactly as described by staff. Every visit begins with a review of what has been done and what is to be done next. My legs are no longer achy. I am very hopeful that when my treatment is over, my legs will be healthy looking!”

“The staff and Dr. Cahn were wonderful. Procedure wasn’t bad, just a little pain on my last ablation. The heaviness in my legs is almost gone and all of the pain is gone.”

“Dr. Michael Cahn has performed all four of my surgeries capably, compassionately, and as painlessly as possible! All of the staff I’ve met are professional and welcoming. Except for a few painful moments, the procedure has been relatively painless – a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. Too early to notice significant change yet, but I was told it could take up to 3 months to fully notice a change.”

“Everyone has been great. I like Dr. Cahn and his staff. The procedure was easy and less painful than I thought.”

“They are awesome. So friendly, polite, and caring about their patients. Procedures were not bad at all. They told you everything as they did it. They are not as heavy and tired feeling.”

“Dr. Cahn is fantastic/ very professional but relaxes patients. Very thorough. Still sore to touch but not painful in waking or sleeping.”

“I love everyone! So professional and friendly! Dr. Cahn is so easy to like – very kind, professional and gentle – very comforting! Not completed.”

“Dr. Cahn is amazing. Staff is awesome. Legs are feeling better. You schedule to many patients at one time. To long of wait. Great doctor and staff, wish you were more efficient of people’s time!!”

“Dr. Cahn – all were great. Not bad today – some days it really hurts. Not much change yet – very achy and bruised.”

“Dr.. Cahn is very friendly and caring. He and his staff are very professional at all times. His surgical tech, Cole, is very professional and interesting to speak with. The procedure went about the same as the first one on my right leg. Dr. Cahn started a little lower on my left leg. The surgical tech Cole, who was with me the whole time, was quite helpful. As I was getting dressed I noticed my leg was bleeding. I opened the door and called out that fact and she came in and had me lie back down. She removed the stocking and treated the problem and but the other stocking on. I was very impressed with her knowledge and caring. My legs feel OK. I can’t say that I really feel any improvement at this time. On the day after the treatment when I had removed the pads, I still put a Band-Aid on the top spot. Sitting in a doctor’s office the next day, I noticed another spot was leaking a bit, so when I got home I put a Band-Aid on that spot. So just to be sure I have 4 bandages on to cover the leakage.”

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